Lucky Exhibition Opens 15th September, Providence

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Lucky Leone’s (Critic, Digital + Media) solo exhibition i am unclear (supplementary experiences in art, technology, commerce, and confusion) will open at the Chazan Gallery (Wheeler School, 228 Angell Street, Providence) on Gallery Night, 15th September 2016.

Leone’s experience is that the world is a serious, tragic and ultimately humorous place. His work looks at the world and questions why people (including himself) do what they do, and why things in the world are the way they are. The ideas and works contain careful thought, eased by a sense of humor. As he learns and progresses, he feels freer to take whatever creative avenues he is interested in. Investigation, exploration and explanation, but not necessarily in that order, dominate his thinking process and his art. Consistent in the work is the importance of concept, experimentation and experience.

More information can be found here

Exhibition, i am unclear, Lucky Leone, Providence

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