Diversity Fellows Announcement 2016-2017

As part of the President’s initiative around diversity, equity, and inclusion we are pleased to announce three artists-in-residence as diversity fellows for 2016-17.

Rene Payne will be working on design projects related to diversity, equity, and inclusion including the MLK series and the RISDiversity project. Marc Boucai and Reya Sehgal will be presenting performance workshops to students (in collaboration with the MLK Series), faculty, and staff throughout the year, as well as conducting a performance ethnography of diversity, equity, and inclusion at RISD. Please send inquiries to Academic Affairs acadaff@risd.edu.

payne_div_fellowRene Payne (GD ’83) is the founder and director of FAVOR design since 2004.
She has worked in the field of design for over 25 years, holding creative and executive positions at leading advertising in-house design groups such as Arnold Worldwide, Cipriani Kremer Design, and Heller Breene. Rene’s experience in multidisciplinary areas includes: Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, and Marketing Communication Strategy. Her work has spanned the marketplace from community organizations to Fortune 500 companies, presenting messaging that is fresh, compelling and highly effective. Most recently, Rene’s work has influenced diversity and inclusion efforts with projects ranging from rebranding Harvard’s Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership, RISD’s MLK Series to the Children’s Defense Fund, and brand efforts for The Nhambu Collection. Rene is the recipient of numerous design awards, and her gift and passion as a designer and creative director is the ability to listen to her clients and interpret their vision in ways that are both strategically sound and emotionally powerful.


diversity_fellowsDIVERSITY FELLOWS! is a critical camp collaborative interested in interrogating aspects of (their) Americanness. Aimed at blurring the lines between performance, politics, and the presentation of self in every-day life, the FELLOWS use race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and more as both lenses and performed identities to produce genre-blurring pieces that refer to pop-cultural tropes, critical theory, and queer performance tactics, creating chaotic environments out of seemingly simplistic interactive structures: Green card interviews, diversity workshops, make-up appointments, karaoke.


marc-boucaiThe FELLOWS, Marc Boucai and Reya Sehgal, are grounded in performance training from L’Ecole Internationale de Jacques le Coq and the American Conservatory Theater, and educated in queer theory, postcolonial theory, performance studies, and public humanities from UC Berkeley and Brown University. They unite theory, politics, and physical performance in their collaborative work. The DIVERSITY FELLOWS! have performed at conferences and performance festivals in the Bay Area, Detroit, and New York City, and produce political performance variety shows in Providence, RI.


Diversity Fellows 2016-2017

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