Better and Textiles Students, Tilt-Down Fence, Dorchester


Hansy Better (Professor, Architecture) and RISD Textiles students are currently working on a public arts installation at Fields Corner Station, Dorchester. The piece entitled Tilt-Down FenceĀ was designed and installed by theĀ BR+A+CE (Building Research + Architecture + Community Exchange) project, which is a collaboration between RISD faculty, students, and local volunteers. Tilt Down Fence consists of a series of seven ladder-like woven fence decorations that fold down into picnic tables and benches, which organizers hope will activate the space and bring communities together.

The installation at Fields Corner seeks to celebrate the social and cultural contributions of immigrants in collaboration with neighborhood organizations and immigrant advocacy groups and will include a program of free Saturday events including large puppet shows, children’s poetry readings, and an information session with the City of Boston Immigration Advancement Office.

More information on the project and the full program of events can be found here

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