Unwin-Barkley Selected as ProHome Designer


Pamela Unwin-Barkley (Senior Critic, Experimental and Foundation Studies) has been invited to be a part of a design/build team for Fine HomeBuilding magazine.

The magazine has commissioned a team to design and build a high-performance demonstration house. The designer Michael Maines and builder Mike Guertin have a longstanding history with the magazine, while Unwin-Barkley will be the interior designer for the project.

The ProHOME will be utilized, as part of the magazines teaching mission and it will be used to educate designers, builders, and industry insiders on best practices in building. A new series of ProHOME articles will feature information about the basic construction to the advanced building methods used to construct a modestly sized, energy smart, healthy, flexible, and durable house. The house is just under 1800 square feet, inspired by the energy-capturing shape of old New England saltbox styles and it will be built in East Greenwich, Rhode Island this fall.

More information on the ProHome project can be found here

Architecture, energy smart, open plan, Prohome

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