Heyman Work at the Schoolhouse Gallery



Daniel Heyman (Senior Critic, Printmaking) presents a new suite of paintings and drawings on wood currently on display at the The Schoolhouse Gallery (494 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA) until 24th August 2016.

'Untitled' 32 x 24

For a number of years and in service of larger constructed narratives he has been using the plates from woodblock prints as states and final works. These pieces, often carved, inked, and painted, function both as the exposed skeleton and the breathing results of each drawing. This is the first time Heyman has gathered these works in a show. In reflecting on the pieces he commented that “I think of carving into wood exactly the same as I think of making a mark with a brush, a pen or an eraser. The edge of the blade slices through the wood and what is left is a mark made of color and texture.”

More information on the Schoolhouse Gallery can be found here


Daniel Heyman, Printmaking, The Schoolhouse Gallery, woodblocks

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