Congdon Reviewed in Big Red and Shiny


Dennis Congdon (Professor, Painting) was reviewed in the June 2016 edition of Big Red and Shiny in an article written by Mary Bergstein. In a lengthy retrospective Bergstein reviews and dissects Congdon’s 2015 show at Zieher Smith and Horton (55 Chrystie Street, New York) entitled¬†Congeries.

In the review Bergstein calls his work “magisterial” and “enchanting” while comparing his work to a psychoanalytic and archaeological excavation of ruins and regrets. The article covers a body of Congdon’s work that has been developing since around 2000 and takes each piece in turn ¬†to look at its connections with the artist and the wider cultural themes with which it articulates.

The full article can be found here

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