Yeadon power plant exhibited in Glasgow


Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) and his collaborators in Scotland are exhibiting their new project WIND FORREST at The Lighthouse (11 Mitchell Lane) Scotland’s premier architecture gallery in Glasgow. The show will present the results of an international design competition, called LAGI Glasgow, which challenged competitors to bring creative solutions for clean energy infrastructure to a brownfield site in Glasgow.

“We are very proud of WIND FOREST, and we are immensely appreciative of the fantastic, ongoing, collaboration that we have with our brilliant partners in Scotland,” Yeadon said. “They are amazing, and the final outcome could not have been more successful!”

The project team included: ZM Architecture, Dalziel + Scullion, Qmulus Ltd., and Yeadon Space Agency. Their proposal, WIND FOREST, is a permanent public art installation that uses an innovative form of wind power to generate electricity at the scale of urban infrastructure. Capable of powering 300 dwellings, the project will be an important part of the creation of park-like spaces that are integrated into the fabric of the new mixed-use development currently being planned for Dundas Hill.

The exhibition opens on 9th June, at 6:30 p.m., and runs through to 29th July 2016.

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