Pender awarded Autodesk Pier 9 Residency, San Francisco

Stefanie Pender (Critic, Glass) will participate in a residency program at Autodesk Pier 9 in San Francisco. She will gain access to advanced CNC machines and build on previous material explorations with some of the most cutting-edge technology available today while drawing from a multifaceted network of technical support and expertise.

Printed and mold blown glass

She will work with 3D design products and receive support from expert software designers, removing technical roadblocks while influencing the next generation of creative software. Pender plans to continue her research into the expressivity of matter; such as form-finding behavior, self-organizing phenomena, and emergent properties utilizing CNC technology. In addition, she will explore milling and water jet technologies to shape transparent materials for the manipulation of light in space.

For more information on the Autodesk Pier 9 residence can be found here

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