Holmer Exhibition ‘Luminous Ephemera’ at Pied à Terre


_MartieHolmer_S_Pied à Terre 37788 Rome

Martie Holmer (Senior Critic, Experimental and Foundation Studies) had her exhibition Luminous Ephemera Wallworks displayed at the Pied à Terre Gallery (Via Ascoli Piceno), Rome.

Holmer’s art has explored several themes in a variety of forms. “Man and nature” and “impermanence” have been  jumping off points for much of her art. In Luminous Ephemera the mathematical underpinning of a grid, a system of developing and limiting ideas, is central to the work. Like a woven textile, its parts go under and over, in and out, yet always suggest a diagonal or a horizontal/vertical axis. The title also refers to the impermanent nature of promotional printed matter, which is not meant to last. Layered in the works seen here are documents used to advertise commercial projects of a very different kinds, not of fine art, but of art applied to various business needs. The use of these “ephemera” provides both a rich patina Holmer wishes to achieve, as well a self-referential joke: reusing pieces of the past that have been thrown away.

EFS, Exhibition, Martie Holmer

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