Strickland Exhibition ‘HANDMADE’ at Duvernois Gallery, NYC


Anna Strickland (Senior Critic, Photography) has a co-curated show HANDMADE¬†currently on display at the Christian Duvernois Gallery (648 Broadway, New York) until 6th July 2016. The show features the terracotta sculptures of Rudolph Serra paired with Strickland’s photographs.


HANDMADE focuses on two distinguished practices that reveal the potential of the hand and its gestures in creating objects and images that invite contemplation. In the artworks exhibited, the hand is present as a trace, subject and/or metaphor. The interplay of forms, concepts, and the expressive qualities of these works are brought to light before the viewer when they are juxtaposed in the gallery space.

More information on the exhibition can be found here

Anna Strickland, Christian Duvernois Gallery, new york, Photography

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