Event: Leski ‘Discovering Design: Taking & Making’ 05/17/16, 7PM, Strand Books

Kyna Leski (Professor, Architecture) will take part in a panel discussion on Discovering Design: Taking & Making – Creativity and the Design Process on 05/17/16 from 7:00 to 8:00PM at the Strand Books (828 Broadway, New York).

The panel will take the audience through the process of being creative, what it means for each of them, and how those ideas and processes can be applied. the other panels are:

  • Steve Heller (author of the forthcoming Graphic Design Idea Book and many others, co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author Department, Special Consultant to the President of SVA for New Programs, and Visuals columnist for the New York Times Book Review)
  • Peter Ahlberg (author of the forthcoming Please Make This Look Nice, principal designer at AHL&CO, and professor of graphic design at SVA)

More information on the event can be found here

kyna leski, Panel Discussion, Strand Bookstore

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