Dufresne Awarded Guggenheim Fine Arts Fellowship



Angela Dufresne (Assistant Professor, Painting) has been awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in the Fine Arts for 2016. Dufresne will join 178 new Guggenheim Fellows including artists, writers, scholars, and scientists from across the United States and Canada. Edward Hirsch, president of the Foundation said ” It’s exciting to name 178 new Guggenheim Fellows. These artists and writers, scholars and scientists, represent the best of the best.”

Dufresne can now count herself among a distinguished group, since its establishment in 1925, the Foundation has granted more than $334 million in Fellowships to over 18,000 individuals, including Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, Turing Award winners, poets laureate, and many winners of the Pulitzer Prize.


The Foundation said of her work “Dufresne’s paintings exuberantly weave imagery, narrative, paint, and visceral pleasure. She refers to the work as examples of non-paranoid, porous ways of being in the world. Delivered with absurdity, affection, and feminist vibrato, Dufrene presents figurative articulations that feverously emerge out of the paint. Humorous, giddy, vulnerable, non-heroic, perverse, her figures revel in their destabilized relationship to their environments.”



Angela Dufresne, Fine Arts, Guggenheim fine Arts Fellowship

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