Byrne, Liese, and Schiff Present at SAR Conference on Writing

Mairéad Byrne (Professor, Literary Arts+Studies), Jennifer Liese (Director, Writing Center), and Karen Schiff (Lecturer, Graduate Studies) each presented at the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) annual conference on 28th and 29th April in The Hague.

SAR is a Zurich-based non-profit organization that “nurtures, connects and disseminates artistic research as specific practices of creating knowledge and insight.” This year’s conference theme was Writing, or, “Writing as Practice / Practice as Writing.” Byrne, Liese, and Schiff presented in three of the four conference strands: Writing Art in Digital Space; Poetics of Critical Writing; and Art, Philosophy, Writing, and Speech, respectively (the fourth was Writing and Sound Art). Byrne’s presentation was titled “A Wildish Space”; Liese’s “The Space Between: Subjectivity, Fragmentation, and Ambiguity in Artists’ Writings”; and Schiff’s “Artworks, Writing, and (Marriage) Proposals.”

Liese recently joined the Editorial Board of SAR’s Journal for Artistic Research (JAR). JAR is peer-reviewed and also hosts the open-access Research Catalogue, to which anyone can contribute. Here is a short overview:

JAR publishes research in a manner that respects artists’ modes of presentation and incorporates web-enabled possibilities for a mix of media, collaboration, debate and discussion. The journal promotes experimental approaches to both writing and reading research, while carefully fulfilling the expectations of a peer-reviewed academic journal. We welcome submissions from across and between disciplines, from artists worldwide, with or without academic affiliation.”

And here are full submission guidelines.

Jen welcomes conversations with faculty and students about potential submissions;

Jennifer Liese, Karen Schiff, Mairead Byrne, Society for Artistic Research, Writing Center

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