Gaetano-Adi Work at Art_X@Rensselear


Paula Gaetano-Adi (Assistant Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies) presented a new development of her long-term project Mestizo Robotics, this time developed as part of her appointment as Artist-in-Residence 2015/16 at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (EMPAC).


The project was developed in the context of the interdisciplinary institute-wide initiative ART_X@Rensselaer, a program lead by RPI’s President Shirley Ann Jackson and EMPAC’s Director Johannes Goebel, and funded by the Jaffe Fund for Experiential Media and Performing Arts.


For a semester, students of architecture and engineering worked in an intensive design-and-build studio for the creation of autonomous robotic agents that explored the notion of the ‘technological mestizaje’. The studio was led by architect faculty Gustavo Crembil, art faculty Nao Bustamante, and guest artist Paula Gaetano Adi. Students collaborated with the Nano Lab / Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and the Electronic and Media Arts/Universidad Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires, Argentina who are also working on different mestizos robots.

More information on the exhibition can be found here

interdisciplinarity, Latin America, mestizaje, New Media Art, Paula Gaetano Adi, Research, Robotics

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