Yeadon Featured in Biomimetica e Architettura


A new Italian book by Roberto Pagani, Giacomo Chiesa, and Jean-Marc Tulliani features an interactive facade system prototype made by Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture). Yeadon, fabricated the prototype with dielectric elastomer smart materials that can change shape and perform work, effectively behaving like artificial muscles to change the surface of the facade.

The book, titled Biomimetica e Architettura. Come la natura domina la tecnologia presents the project as a model of biomimicry that is based on homeostasis in biological systems. The publisher describes the book as follows:

This book aims to describe the new science biomimetics with particular emphasis on the sectors, science, and technology of building materials approaching the material fro mthe perspective of industry professionals. Specifically addressed are the different implications, theoretical, methodological, design, and different approaches to the book’s themes.

Questo libro si propone di descrivere la nuova scienza biomimetica con particolare riguardo ai settori dell’architettura e della scienza e tecnologia dei materiali per l’edilizia secondo un approccio adatto ai professionisti del settore. In particolare vengono affrontate le diverse implicazioni, teoriche, metodologiche, progettuali, e i diversi approcci inerenti questa tematica.

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