RISD Writing Center Fellows Announced

Congratulations to Hannah Carlson (Lecturer, Apparel Design) and Dalia Linssen (Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture), who have been named the RISD Writing Center Faculty Fellows for AY 2016–2017.

As the first RISD Writing Center Faculty Fellows, in this pilot year, Carlson and Linssen will develop connections between arts-based research and writing models; humanities-based research and writing models; and art and design practices, and apply their research to creating innovative assignments in their fall “History of Apparel” and “History of Illustration” sophomore courses. In their own research process, they will conduct a literature review on arts-based research, consult with other faculty teaching departmental “History of” courses, and build on the research methodologies integral to H102 first-year courses. They will assess their student learning outcomes and share their findings with faculty in a report, “toolkit,” and workshop in early 2017.

The Writing Center is very pleased to support this research, which will not only further the Fellows’ own scholarly and teaching practices, but serve RISD’s various writing cultures, with possible applications not only in “History of” but in contexts including the Writing Center and Liberal Arts, studio, and graduate written thesis courses. It will also serve students well into their futures, as Carlson and Linssen note in their research proposal: “At its best, ‘History of’ offers a space for art and design students to critically consider the larger historic, cultural, and political contexts in which they are acting and working, their relationship to their chosen discipline, and the direction of their own practice. … How might we include more directed research inquiries, not tied to the formal essay, that develop critical thinking and writing strategies which students can then apply to individual studio research pursuits throughout and beyond their time at RISD?”

Faculty interested in learning more about this project or applying for next year’s Fellowship, please contact Writing Center director Jennifer Liese at jliese@risd.edu.

Dalia Linssen, Hannah Carlson, Writing Center Fellows

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