Ferreira and Shure Featured in ‘Works on Paper’ Exhibition


Henry Ferreira (Associate Professor, Printmaking) and Brian Shure (Assistant Professor, Printmaking) are featured in a new exhibition Works on Paper currently on display at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery (1 Partner’s Lane, Westport, Mass.) until 1st may 2016.


All of the featured artists in the exhibition, which also includes Lyell Castonguay and RISD alumni Elizabeth Ferrill , Megan Foster, and Jonathan Palmer, investigate some aspect of basic human behavior.  Each describes experience, real or imagined, by examining the self and one’s relation to the natural world, by seeking knowledge through detachment or communal participation, or by isolating specific imagery that represents the constructed, material world.

for more information on the exhibition click here

Image credits: Henry Ferreira (Top) and Brian Shure (Bottom)


Brian Shure, Exhibition, Henry Ferreira, Printmaking

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