Mathew at Conference on Climate Change & Heritage in Newport


Suzanne Mathew (Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture) will be presenting at Keeping History Above Water an international conference on heritage and climate change to take place in Newport, RI between 10th to 13th April 2016.

Mathew will be part of the Imagined Adaptations panel and her presentation will be entitled Imagining the Future Historic in the Landscape Architecture Studio.

Keeping History Above Water will emphasize practical approaches to protecting historic built environments in both the near and long term, at individual building, infrastructure, and policy levels. The speakers are drawn from a wide range of disciplines including preservation, oceanography, architecture, engineering, insurance, and environmental finance. The speakers represent a diverse range of national and international perspectives and landscapes including Scotland, the Netherlands, Venice, Iran, New York, Annapolis, Florida, New Orleans, and Texas.

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