Call for Proposals: Wildlife Trading and Conservation Show


RISD Division of Fine Arts and Department of Illustration, Creature Conserve, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare invite RISD faculty, alumni, students, and the wider RISD Community to submit proposals for a gallery show entitled Wildlife: Trading and Conservation to be held at the Illustration Studies Building Gallery from 14th July to 7th August 2016.

This is a unique opportunity for artists to learn about the ways wildlife trade impacts a particular animal species, via initial self-directed research and in collaboration with scientists and wildlife experts, including IFAW staff. Through this project, artists may build lasting connections with members of the scientific community and become a part of the effort to bring these fields together to communicate and solve problems associated with the global wildlife trade. This show will demonstrate that when combined, art and science deepen our understanding of the problems facing animals today and inspire us to create fresh solutions.

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