Rogowski Exhibition ‘Fold’ at the Anderson Gallery

The exhibition ‘Fold’ by Kent Rogowski (Senor Critic, Photography)¬†at the Wallace L. Anderson Gallery (Bridgewater State University) explored the diverse possibilities within a sheet of folded paper.



The images were created through the careful observation and lighting of his subject, creating a complex illusion that harkens back to the Modernism of the early 20th century. This use of optical illusion creates a series of subtle inspections involving texture and the nature of illumination. The result is a delicate beauty that focuses on the materiality of light on a folded paper surface.  Another notable feature of this exhibition was the use of the Daguerreotype process in three of the works on display.



Rogowski, was able to pursue the use of this technique through Professional Development Grant funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, “The three Daguerreotype’s that I made during that workshop were in the show and couldn’t have been made without the grant.”

Applications for the latest cycle of Professional Development Grants are currently being accepted (Deadline: April, 6th 2016) and further information can be found here.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Daguerreotype, Fold, Kent Rogowski, Photography, Professional Development Grant

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