Mosher in Hackathon to Develop Neonatal Heart Rate Monitor

[photo credit: Elsevier]

In December, Beth Mosher (Associate Professor, Industrial Design) participated in a 48-hour hackathon at the Possible Project in Cambridge, Mass. Working with pediatricians Dr. Santorino Data and Dr. Kristian Olson, electrical engineer Jim Wright, and mechanical engineer Kevin Cedrone, the team designed and prototyped a neonatal heart monitor for developing countries. The low-cost system provides birth attendants with crucial heart rate information when resuscitating newborns, saving precious time and lives. The team has applied for a provisional patent for their invention, as well as accelerator funding from the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies at the Center for Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital.

[photo credit: Beth Mosher]

Further information can be found here.

Photo credits: Top, Elsevier. Bottom, Beth Mosher

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