Lynch Shows the World, One Drawing at a Time


Fred Lynch (Associate Professor, Illustration) will be teaching a workshop and leading an event he created, The Big Crit, at the 7th Annual International Urban Sketchers Symposium being held this year in Manchester, England (July 27-30th, 2016).

The term ‘urban sketching’ was coined by Gabriel Capanario who is a journalistic illustrator for the Seattle Times. The idea was to create a blog of his favorite topographical artists from around the globe. These artists became ‘correspondents’ and since 2008 the blog has grown exponentially, now playing host to a multitude of artists, illustrators, animators, designers, architects, and more.

Lynch can trace his own participation from the beginning of the organization becoming the first New England correspondent in 2008. He subsequently became involved in the Urban Sketchers Education Committee, which supports the regional workshops and a yearly international symposium. The committee, comprised of seasoned educators, review proposals and oversee the non-profit’s educational planning and teaching practices.


While he has taught workshops in previous symposia in Barcelona and Brazil,  this year he will be teaching an image design workshop entitled ‘Hunting & Gathering: Sketches, Vignettes, and Lists‘, which shows sketchers how to construct alternative page designs and visual presentations. He will also lead The Big Crit, where instructors sit in arranged tables through which participants rotate. Instructing the instructors is also part of The Big Crit experience says Lynch “I will give a talk both to the instructors and the participants on what exactly critique is, and how it can be most beneficial. Most important in the discussion is dispelling the notion the ‘critique’ is simply criticism.”

When asked to reflect on how his experience working with Urban Sketchers has informed his teaching practice at RISD he responded “My experiences with Urban Sketchers is completely connected to my teaching at RISD, and to my professional practice. Moving from my long career as a part-time instructor to a full-time professor, has afforded me the opportunity to offer new courses Journalistic Illustration, and The Illustrated Essay, both of which focus on reportage and research.”


Lynch is currently working on several projects focused around on-site investigative and illustrative essays. The first is entitled Drawings from the Road to Rome, which explores the central Italian region of Etruria. While closer to home Paul Revere’s Ride Revisited seeks to reconstruct, through contemporary scenes, the famous patriot’s ride from Boston to Lincoln on the eve of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.


More information on the work of Fred Lynch can be found here.

More information on Urban Sketchers can be found here.


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