Leski ‘The Storm of Creativity’ Generates Warm Front of Praise


Kyna Leski’s (Professor, Architecture) new book The Storm of Creativity (MIT Press, ISBN: 978-0-262-02994-0) has been reviewed and praised by the Times Higher Education and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Flora Samuel writing in the Times Higher Education called the book “thought-provoking and very readable.” While the Chronicle of Higher Education ProfHacker blog said Leski’s work was “particularly powerful” and “[the book] forced me to think about creativity differently.”

Although each instance of creativity is singular and specific, Kyna Leski tells us, the creative process is universal. Artists, architects, poets, inventors, scientists, and others all navigate the same stages of the process in order to discover something that does not yet exist. All of us must work our way through the empty page, the blank screen, writer’s block, confusion, chaos, and doubt. In this book, Leski draws from her observations and experiences as a teacher, student, maker, writer, and architect to describe the workings of the creative process.

Leski will be giving a lecture on the subject of her book at the Aquarium of the Pacific on 03/29/16 at 7:00 to 8:30pm.

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Times Higher Education review can be found here.

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More information on the public lecture can be found here.

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