Jones Featured in Exhibition ‘Future Past Perfect’ at Ms Barbers Gallery


Mary Jones (Senior Critic, Painting) is featured in a new exhibition at Ms Barbers Gallery (5370 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles) opening on February 13th and running through March 6th, 2016. The show is curated by RISD alumna Lauren Comito (MFA ’13) and also features works by Michael Ambron, Rachel Klinghoffer, John O’Connor, and Bayne Peterson.

Future Past Perfect is a travelling exhibition that originated at Projekt722 in Brooklyn, New York. The artists featured in this exhibition are tied together by their interest in exploring the historical progression of totemic forms and seeking out new forms for the future. The metaphor of the artifact that these artists use can range from digital fabrication to ancient cave painting, haiku to personal artifacts; all reflect an unsentimental awareness of circumstances, and consider the basic elements of what might and could be essential.

More information on the Ms Barbers Gallery can be found here.

More information on Mary Jones can be found here.

More information on Lauren Comito can be found here.

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