Strohecker to lead CAA panel and SEAD meeting in DC

On February 2, Carol Strohecker (Vice Provost) and other SEAD leaders will convene a working group meeting at the National Academies in Washington DC, to provide updates on the international network of Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design. Representatives from several colleges and universities, museums, businesses, and funding agencies will participate, including members of the European Commission and, for the US, the NEA, NSF, NIH, NASA, and Small Business Administration.

On February 3, Strohecker will co-lead a SEAD panel at the College Art Association conference, to solicit further input for the network’s next steps. SEAD members advocate for transdisciplinary work involving sciences, engineering, arts and design, fostering innovation and learning that impact community sustainability and economic growth. Specific goals include advancement of culture and economic development, research and creative work, learning and education, collaboration and partnership.

Carol Strohecker, College Art Association, News, SEAD

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