Leidtke Curates ‘Tangible Thinking’ Featuring Faculty and Alums

Art League of Rhode Island Opened Season with “Tangible Thinking: – The Intersection of Art, Design, Math, and Science” at the VETS Gallery (One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI). The exhibition took place from September 12, 2015 through January 16, 2016.

The Curator of the program was industrial designer and artist Amy Leidtke (Senior Critic, Industrial Design and Continuing Education). Participating artists include: Jesse Asjes, Kate Blacklock, Allison Chen, Joseph D. Clinton, Gustavo Crembil, Dennis Dreher, Carl Fasano, Paula Gaetano-Adi, John A. Hiigli, David Namhon Kim, Stephen Metcalf, Wanda M. Miglus, Jan Mun, Sophia Sobers, Kenneth Speiser, Laura Wickesberg, and Peter Yeadon.

Leidtke explains, “The Tangible Thinking exhibit examined how artists and designers use methods of observation, perception, experimentation, and visualization to explore, understand, and communicate complex systems and concepts of geometry, nature, physics, biology, new media, technology, and more. The work honored the combined and engaged artistic practice that is informed by both art and science. This multidisciplinary way of thinking relies on actively integrating and applying Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (+Design), and Math, and can be recognized as a form of STEAM Intelligence. This form of intelligence is increasingly relevant to the development of new systems, products, media, and materials. The works represented in the exhibit are current and exciting examples of what I call ‘tangible thinking.’ My goal was to create a shows that focuses on why and how artists and designers make art today – to examine what tools, materials, and technologies they employ – to value trying things out in the pursuit of figuring things out – and to hold dear the evidence of experimentation as much as the final finished work.”

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