Graduate Studies-Funded Research Assistantships

2016 SPRING + SUMMER | Graduate Studies-Funded Research Assistantships | faculty application


Research Assistants are graduate students engaged in faculty-guided or -directed research.

Research Assistantships include compensation for the graduate student, but also are meaningful educational and research experiences and opportunities to contribute to the creation of new knowledge.

Research Assistantships are not work-for-hire.



Full-time RISD faculty and part-time RISD faculty with multi-year contracts can apply for research project support in the form of Research Assistantships.  Note: Prior recipients of GS-Funded Research Assistantships must have submitted a final report to be eligible to apply again.

1.  SPRING Research Assistantships can begin as early as February 18 and can be of any duration as long as the Research Assistant’s work is completed by April 29, 2016.

SUMMER Research Assistantships can begin as early as June 1 and can be of any duration as long as the Research Assistant’s work is completed by August 31, 2016.

2.  The Director of Research and the Dean of Faculty convene a group to review applications and make recommendations.

3.  If the request is approved, a Research Assistantship contract is generated for the graduate student based on the information provided by the supervising faculty member.  Payment is made by check through RISD’s monthly payroll, or can be directly applied to the graduate student’s tuition account upon request.

4.  Other project expenses cannot be funded through this process.

5.  When a request is funded, a brief report from the faculty member is due one month after the end date of the Research Assistantship.  The Research Assistant is also asked to complete a brief evaluation of the experience.

6.  Use this link to submit the faculty application form by Monday, January 25 for projects beginning February 18, 2016 or later.  Complete the application from your RISD Google e-mail account:

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