Call for Submissions: Professional Development Fund

The Professional Development Fund was established with a Mellon Foundation Grant to encourage the development of excellence in the fields of art and design. The fund also provides financial support for the extraordinary costs of studio work, for research projects that could not be achieved without additional funding, for the development of publications, and other work in progress undertaken by faculty, museum curators, and professional librarians.

The fund has awarded more than $1,800,000 since 1982 with the average individual award being $2,500.

The Spring 2016 cycle is now open, if interested please submit a Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal Form. The deadline for the completed applications is April 6, 2016. Any interested parties are welcome to consult with Tracie Costantino on their proposal ideas.

Further information about the application process and requirements or general information about the fund can be found here. Additional queries can be directed to Timothy Sandiford ( in Academic Affairs.


Projects funded in the Fall 2015 cycle, include:

Yizhak Elyashiv FOUND Residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation Printmaking Studios, County Mayo, Ireland
Kent Rogowski PHOTO Grant to explore and incorporate the Daguerreotype process into professional practice
Mark Milloff FOUND Work on a series of paintings that are greatly influenced by the narrative language of my music
Michelle Charest HAVC Grant for an archaeological research project in the vicinity of Scituate Reservoir
Richard Killeaney TEXT A one-month residency in Iceland to work on large scale projects
John Adimando PAINT Featured artist in the second installment of the Brink series at the Boston Center for the Arts
Britany Salsbury MUSEUM Travel to London for a scholarly conference centered on print collecting practices in 19th-century Europe
Aaron Forrest ARCH Fees and travel expenses for photographic documentation
Shona Kitchen DM ‘Captured Landscape’ investigating how Silicon Valley has redefined the limits of ‘seeing’
Thomas Mills FOUND On-going investigations into Byzantine and medieval figurative imagery in the region of Apulia
Sheida Soleimani DM Examining  adaptations of community and the geography of the refugees within the Greater London
Brian Ulrich PHOTO Significant work on The Centurion to produce work for publication as a monograph

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