Yeadon joins NYC Climate Museum jury

Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) has been invited to join Olafur Eliasson and James Stewart Polshek on the competition jury for The Climate Museum in New York City. The museum’s mission is to raise public awareness of our greatest challenge, climate change, and move that issue to the center of public life and civic engagement.

The American public wants to learn more about climate change, an interest that will continue to grow, and museums are trustworthy sources of information on this vital subject. Nevertheless, climate change is insufficiently represented in existing museums. The Climate Museum is intended to fill that gap.

The Climate Museum will use interactive design and storytelling to inspire a climate–educated and engaged public. Its mission of kindling solutions-focused civic engagement will build on traditional museum strengths—signaling legitimacy, memorably conveying complex information, and providing a forum for community experience.

Initially staged through pop-up exhibits, community programming, and an interim facility, The Climate Museum will ultimately occupy a tourist-friendly site accessible to a million visitors, annually. The Museum’s extensive web presence will make its resources and experiences available to millions more. An ideas competition will be launched, inviting design teams across the world to envision a beautiful new global town square.

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