Chief Critic, Faculty Fellow and Global grants announced

RISD Faculty Fellow:

Congratulations to Paolo Cardini, who has been named the Global Faculty Fellow at RISD for AY2016-2017.

As the fellow, Paolo Cardini will spend a part of the academic year developing a Global Futures Lab within the RISD Global space where he will work with RISD students to develop discursive design projects that explore the intersections of future visions [utopian and dystopian] and cultural identities. In addition, Professor Cardini will explore this topic in collaboration with other academic partners across the globe.

This initiative is co-supported by the Dean of Faculty and the RISD Global Office.

RISD Global Engagement for Curricular Development grants:

The Dean of Faculty and RISD Global are delighted to announce the recipients of the next round of Global Engagement for Curricular Development grants:

Emanuel Admassu (ARCH) & John Lauermann (HPSS) will use their grant support to conduct research in Tanzania towards a new collaborative studio + seminar curriculum that will examine, with RISD students, how African cities are being represented both within and outside the continent.

Jonathan Highfield (LAS) will visit Ghana through the support of the grant to develop a potential course in collaboration with the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at the University of Cape Coast.

Michelle Charest (HAVC) will conduct research in Ireland towards the development of an off-campus global learning program that examines, on a local scale, how the Irish textile industry has changed and adapted to its place within the global economy throughout history.

Lucy Spelman (HPSS) will conduct preliminary research towards a course that will seek to bring artists and designers together with scientists to explore new ways to end illegal wildlife trade, among the sites in Africa that Lucy will develop her research include: Johannesburg, South Africa, Windhoek, Namibia, and Kigali, Rwanda.

Each year, as part of the grant agreement, faculty provide a report to the campus via online materials and a colloquium.

RISD Chief Critic:

RISD’s European Honors Program (EHP) Committee is delighted to announce that Angela Dufresne has been selected as the next Chief Critic for the program in AY2016-2017. Professor Dufresne will take-up this role in August 2016.

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