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New Grant Opportunity: Creativity Connects

The NEA is launching a pilot grant opportunity in the Art Works category to support partnerships between arts organizations and organizations from non-arts sectors that include, but are not limited to, business, education, environment, faith, finance, food, health, law, science, and technology. The program, called Art Works: Creativity Connects, is designed to demonstrate the value of the arts and design when they’re working with non-arts sectors and support the infrastructure components for the arts, so that they will be able to work in new ways with other sectors. It is also designed to connect – to build bridges that create new relationships and constituencies between the arts and other sectors and support creating innovative projects that advance the arts when they’re connected to other non-arts fields.

The pilot grant program requires a partnership between a nonprofit arts organization (who must be the official applicant) and an organization from a non-arts sector (who must be identified at the time of application). Grants generally will range from $20,000 to $100,000.

There will be a Creativity Connects webinar hosted on Wednesday, January 27th at 3:00 PM EST to learn more about the program. Registration is open now.

Important note: nonprofit organizations may apply to for this grant in addition to other NEA grant programs. The deadline is March 3.

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