Taborska at the Museum of the History of Katowice

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, HAVC) presented a lecture “Hans Bellmer, Unica Zurn and Headless Women” at Hans Bellmer exhibition in the Museum of the History of Katowice in Katowice, Pl, Bellmer’s place of birth. She discussed Bellmer and Zürn’s sadomasochistic yet artistically stimulating relationship, Bellmer’s Doll, Zürn’s drawings and novels, the Surrealists’ take on mental illnesses, and the recent interest of scholars and curators in female Surrealists, half-forgotten for several decades. Taborska also wrote an essay for the exhibition catalogue.

Agnieszka Taborska, Hans Bellmer, HAVC, History of Art and Visual Culture, News

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