Strohecker contributing to national Maker Movement

Carol Strohecker will contribute to a meeting at Case Western Reserve University on October 28, in which representatives of the higher education community will work with leaders from OSTP, NSF, Make:Media, and other industry partners to set priorities and an action agenda in support of makers throughout the country.

Organized by the Make School Alliance, the meeting’s goals are to:

1) Identify and define specific problem spots that impact many different types of institutions, prioritize those problems, and mobilize institutions to offer creative solutions for the higher-ed community at large.

2) Dive deeply into five specific problem areas–space management, curriculum development, outcome measures, community engagement, and workforce development–and arrive at short term (6-9 months) and long term (5 years) priorities that can be communicated quickly to Federal and industry leaders.

3) Articulate what the higher education community aims to achieve within the next nine months, in time for public and national dissemination of these goals at the next Week of Making (scheduled for June 2016).

Carol Strohecker, making, News, Vice Provost

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