Sharma | “Most Likely to Succeed!”

Pradeep Sharma (Provost) joined a panel to discuss “Most Likely to Succeed!” at the Lincoln School, Providence, R.I.

Dr. Pradeep Sharma, Provost, Rhode Island School of Design
Toby Shepherd, Grant Programs Officer, Rhode Island Foundation
Stephanie Chamberlin ‘88, Director of Human Resources, Ximedica
Dr. Thomas Neenan, Entrepreneur in Biotechnology and Materials Science
Minsoo Thigpen, Third-Year Undergraduate Student in Mechanical Engineering and Painting, Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design Dual Degree Program

Three questions: What did you value in your education? Would you favor a student with excellent grades and average portfolio or a student with average grades and excellent portfolio? What is the job of the future?

2015 LINCOLN PANEL_01 Panel

Lincoln School, Pradeep Sharma, Provost

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