Frazer | No Room for Form

Work by David Frazer (Professor, Painting) is included in the upcoming exhibition “No Room for Form,” at the International Art Center, Fremont, Calif.

This exhibit curated by Roger Mandle iNCLUDES work by Jeremy Morgan, Fred Martin, Ren Ming and David Frazer. Professor David Frazer is exhibiting 20 recent paintings.

“Frazer’s sense of truth in painting requires both the seductions of paint and an unyielding skepticism about the apparatus of pictorial representation. The space in his work is often layered but ambiguous, sometimes suggesting landscape or still life, but rife with contradictions of scale and spatial hierarchy that inhibit a comprehensible pictorial logic from forming. The viewer is kept in a state of spatial, and by inference, psychological disorientation.” David Hornung, Brooklyn, NY

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