Architecture grad is sustainability award winner

NESEA has announced that Liz McCormick (ARCH) has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 Kate Goldstein Award for Emerging Professionals in Sustainability.

Liz graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture from RISD and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Building Technology at MIT. As a Houston native, Liz plans to focus her research on sustainable building technologies for hot and humid climates. Liz is a Certified Passive House Consultant and has been involved with local Passive House chapters in three different cities. She served as the Chair for the Passive House Symposium in 2012 and the Speaker Co-Chair for Houston’s Gulf Coast Green Conference in 2015, hosted by the local AIA chapter. She has also served as an environmental consultant at Habitat for Humanity in Boston.

 Liz McCormick, Grand Prize Winner, Kate Goldstein Award
Liz McCormick, Grand Prize Winner, Kate Goldstein Award

NESEA is proud to recognize the following runners-up to the award based on their outstanding credentials and experience:
Keith Burrows
Jeremy Caron
Asher Greenberg
Ryan Lacey
Molly Mahoney
Keihly Moore
Gareth Rose (Rose, a Brown University engineering student, was one of the student team leaders for the Solar Decathlon)
Max Twogood
Jordan Zimmerman

The award was established to honor Kate Goldstein’s legacy of leadership, innovation, and ingenuity. To learn more about Kate, and to submit a nomination visit the Kate Goldstein  Award.

The Kate Goldstein Award is supported by contributions to the Kate Goldstein Fund for Emerging Professionals in Sustainable Energy (Kate Fund). To date, the Kate Fund has raised almost $40,000 to honor Kate’s legacy of support for the next generation of sustainable/renewable energy professionals. Donations to the Kate Fund are always welcome.

Architecture, Kate Goldstein Award

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