White publishes: Environments, Natures and Social Theory

Damian White (Associate Professor, History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences) has a new book Environments, Natures and Social Theory: Towards a Critical Hybridity that will be published by MacMillan/Palgrave in October 2015.

Described by Timmons Roberts, Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology at Brown University as “vast in ambition and scope,” the book provides a critical inter-disciplinary reflection on the state of environmental social theory in the age of the anthropocene. Moving from environmental sociology to geography, historical ecology to critical design studies the book maps the modern environmental debate from 1970s disputes around the limits to growth to contemporary concerns about climate change. In doing so, it provokes dialogue and confrontation between critical political economists, actor network theorists, neo-Malthusians and environmental justice advocates. It also explores and critiques the new environmental politics of hybridity moving from hybrid neo-liberals to end times ecologists, from eco-design to cyborg eco-feminists.

This book is co-written with Alan Rudy (Michigan University) and Brian Gareau (Boston College) and can be pre-ordered via Amazon or Palgrave.


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