STEAM lessons for Pre-K–12 educators

K–12 teachers now have free online access to object-based lesson plans inspired by collections at the RISD Museum and Nature Lab

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) has partnered with PBS LearningMedia, a media-on-demand digital service that provides Pre-K–12 educators free access to more than 100,000 classroom-ready digital resources, to offer new STEAM lessons via its online platform. RISD’s first two publicly available STEAM lessons—Attention and Perception and Discovery Through Juxtaposition—draw on expertise and inspiration from the college’s Edna Lawrence Nature Lab and RISD Museum.

Championed by RISD, STEAM is a movement that advocates adding art and design to the national STEM agenda (STEM+A=STEAM). A comprehensive educational model focused on developing the creativity and problem solving necessary to foster growth and competitiveness in the coming century, the STEAM initiative aims to better prepare students to compete in an innovation-driven economy.

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