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As you know, RISD is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities, programs and networks that address the challenges, meanings, and importance of art and design in a global context, and prepare creative agents for a changing world.  In that spirit the summer of 2015 launched RISD: Global Summer Programs, a collaborative effort brought to you by RISD Global and the Division of Continuing Education through which we offered four international summer studio courses in Denmark, Paris, The Netherlands and Rome.

It is our goal to continue to offer these amazing and immersive international studio experiences for years to come and therefore announce a Call for Proposals for summer 2016. This process is geared to allow faculty to actively propose off-campus global learning courses during the summer.  In doing so, we can offer an array of highly thoughtful, RISD-specific glob al summer programs, which can engage RISD degree students, as well as external audiences.

Faculty are invited to submit a course proposal to be offered through the Division of Continuing Education in collaboration with RISD Global for summer  2016.

To submit a proposal please:

1)     Check out the criteria and timeline at: http://ce.risd.edu/pages/call-for-proposals-risd-summer-global-programs

2)     Complete the online RISD Global: Summer Programs Course Proposal form including a comprehensive budget.

Proposals must be submitted no later than Friday, September 18, 2015. Incomplete or late proposals will not be considered.

Any questions should be directed to Joy McLaughlin, Pre-College + Summer Programs Coordinator at jmclaugh@risd.edu or 401. 454.6215.


Greg, Gwen, Joy and Tracie

The Global Summer Programs  Committee (GSPC)

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