CALL: AICAD faculty-led workshops

Given the overall success of the AICAD Live Learning Lab at the 2015 NAEA Convention, AICAD has agreed to co-sponsor a similar program in 2016. Plans for 2016 include the same design-focused workshops​ led by AICAD faculty members​, but with a slightly longer format offered in a more condensed period of time. Additionally, the 2016 Lab will be included in the main convention program instead of being placed in the vendor hall, allowing AICAD ​presenters​ to bring design expertise to NAEA’s central convention programming.

Faculty (and any graduate-level students who may be interested) to participate as ​presenters​. The opportunity for  exposure is optimal, given AICAD’s central presence in the convention programming and in the exhibitor hall, with 23 schools participating in the AICAD Pavilion (a collective AICAD school exhibition area).

The 2016 NAEA Convention will be held in Chicago on March 17-19, and they are looking to fill six, 50-minute slots (2 on each day of of the convention) with AICAD faculty​-​led workshops. They need to receive proposals from interested participants​/presenters​ no later than 9/14/15.

Proposals should include the following information:
* Names, professional title of presenter(s)​​ (teams of up to 5 people can conduct a workshop)
* 30-word description of workshop. (Workshops should be hands-on, 50 minute demonstrations that are low-tech, design-based, and appropriate for k-12 art teachers to apply in a classroom setting. Workshops should take no longer then 10 minutes to set up and clean up.)
* List of supplies needed. AICAD will reimburse presenters for supplies up to $150
* Preferred date(s) of participation ​(​March 17-19​)​


Registration: Per NAEA policies, all presenters must be members of NAEA and register for the conference. If an AICAD member school has a booth in the AICAD Pavillion and can use one of its allotted vendor badges for a presenter, then a separate conference registration will not be required. Vendors are allotted 3 badges/registrations. Presenters must still be NAEA members. Membership and conference registration forms are attached to this email for your convenience.

Housing: Please be sure to book your stay through NAEA at your earliest convenience to receive discounted pricing.

Supplies: AICAD will reimburse presenters for supplies up to $150. Supplies need to be carried in by presenters to the convention center in boxes that can be hand carried or in small computer bags that have wheels. Because of union regulations, participants cannot bring in materials on carts or dollies. AICAD recommends that participants ship their materials to their hotel in advance.

Misc: Electrical outlets and wifi are available in the Chicago Convention Center. A standard AV set (screen and LCD projector only) will be provided.

Anyone who is interested in participating contact AICAD directly for more information at ASAP.


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