Weinstein workshop at Ilustratour

Ellen Weinstein (Critic, Illustration), through a grant from the RISD Conference Fund, was invited to speak and teach a four-day workshop at Ilustratour, an international Illustration conference which took place in Madrid, Spain July 20-26.

The conference has approximately 400 attendees and was held in the Matadero Arts Center in Madrid. The workshop was 20 hours which took place over four days and it was titled “Using Your Voice.” Weinstein worked individually with each of the 19 participants to define their strengths as an illustrator and how best to utilize their personal interests in their work to make their work uniquely their own. The workshop culminated in a series of posters for an arts festival that were exhibited at the end of the week. She was one of the closing speakers and the only illustrator from the US speaking at the festival.

Publicity from the conference:



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