LDAR EPSCoR project receives NSF approval

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has formally approved the collaborative EPSCoR project: The Future of Dams. Faculty and graduate students from the RISD Landscape Architecture Department will be working with scientists from University of Rhode Island, University of New Hampshire, University of Maine, and an assortment of agencies over the course of four years to develop innovative, interdisciplinary models for assessing the economic, environmental, and social impacts of dam removal to help individuals and communities make better decisions about dams and regional waterways.

Emily Vogler (Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture), Colgate Searle (Professor, Landscape Architecture) and Scheri Fultineer (Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture) are the RISD faculty participating in the grant. This is particularly exciting for the department because it offers graduate students the chance to work on a multi-year project that directly engages contemporary cultural and ecological issues of local and global importance. It will provide them with the opportunity to learn to work across disciplines with social and environmental scientists, an increasingly critical skill for future landscape architects, and to participate in public decision-making processes first hand. The 2015 class has just started the summer program. There are several students in this class who applied to the program as a direct result of seeing the Shellfish Habitat Project that RISD was able to do through EPSCoR and RISTAC funding.

The full press release may be read here.

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