Kim installs “Outside-in” up-cycled timber installation

‘Outside-in’ is one of nine winning proposals for the ongoing secret shelters exhibition hosted at the heritage museum and gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The interactive furniture installation was created by Yugon Kim (Critic, Interior Architecture), founding partner at the Cambridge-based firm IKD. The concept revolves around the inversion of a typical tree bench, which faces users outwards, with their backs towards the tree. instead, ‘outside-in’ focuses attention on the green giant itself, one of heritage’s cherished tulip trees, creating an intimate space between the user and the natural element.

The piece’s name also reflects its construction. one of the most recognizable characteristics of wood, the bark, remains visible but is flipped to face inwards. this configuration allows for the utilization of waste-lumber — which composes approximately 38% of every processed log. Rather than be passed onto the create low-quality secondary products, ‘outside-in’ maximizes the resource, up-cycling it into a viable product. the secret shelters show is ongoing currently until October 15, 2015 at heritage museums and gardens in sandwich, MA


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