CALL: Engineering in Industrial Design

The trilingual magazine ELISAVA Temes de Disseny seeks to contribute, on the one hand, to the debate about design and its links with technology, communication, culture and economy.  On the other hand, it seeks to support the training initiatives taking place in these areas.

ELISAVA Temes de Disseny is a scientific journal with over 25 years of history, that deals with the design aspects from a reflective, critical and innovative perspective. It has published articles by designers, architects, researchers and national and international thinkers.

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EDITORS: Albert Fuster and Javier Peña

Academics, research students and professionals are invited to submit design research papers and critical project works that engage interior design/interior architecture theory and practice with the topic of Engineering in Industrial Design. A view on the world (according to attachment TEMA propuest32_ENG) proposals will be reviewed by the editorial board of the magazine, which will select those proposals which will become articles of the 30 issue.
ELISAVA Temes de Disseny accepts:

DESIGN RESEARCH PAPERS that demonstrate development and engagement with interior design/interior architecture history, theory, education and practice through critique and synthesis. The focus is on the documentation and critical review of both speculative and practice-based research.

CASE STUDIO and CRITICAL PROJECT WORKS that critically evaluate design-based works which seek to expand the nature of spatial, temporal and theoretical practice in interior design/interior architecture and associated disciplines

VISUAL ESSAYS that demonstrate and present speculative research and practice-based research through visual media.
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English, Spanish, Catalan


See attached document CALL propuest32_ENG

ELISAVA Temes de Disseny is published by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

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Hoping that the study area is of your interest and that therefore, we will soon receive your proposed article,

Yours faithfully,

Albert Fuster

Javier Peña


ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

ELISAVA Temes de Disseny, engineering, Industrial Design

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