Welcome new faculty and term appointments

Academic Affairs is pleased to welcome these new faculty and term appointments to RISD. Thank you to the search committees for their considerable time and effort this year.

Full-time Appointments:

Apparel Design
Gwen van den Eijnde, Assistant Professor
Neil Gilks, Associate Professor

Aaron Forrest, Assistant Professor

Experimental and Foundation Studies
Dawn Clements, Assistant Professor
Masha Ryskin, Assistant Professor

History of Art and Visual Cultures
(Jung) Joon Lee, Assistant Professor

History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
Andrew Robarts, Assistant Professor

Calef Brown, Assistant Professor
Fred Lynch, Associate Professor

Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Arthur Hash, Assistant Professor

Term Appointments:

Laura Briggs, Architecture
Matthew Bird, Industrial Design
Peter Dean, History, Philosophy, + Social Sciences/Furniture
Emanuel Adamassu, Architecture
Jackie Gendel, Painting
Benjamin Jurgensen, Sculpture
Richard Killeaney, Textiles
John Lauermann, History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
Suzanne Mathew, Landscape Architecture
Chris Rose, Furniture Design
Wolfgang Rudorf, Interior Architecture
Ed Shanken, Digital+Media
Brian Shure, Printmaking
Rachel Silberstein, History of Art + Visual Cultures
Sheida Soleimani, AICAD Post-Graduate Teaching Fellow, Digital + Media
​Paul Soulellis, Graphic Design
Jane South, Sculpture
Emily Vogler, Landscape Architecture
Tom Weis, Industrial Design

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