3six0 Architecture featured in WSJ

An article on space designed by 3six0 Architecture is running in the Wall Street Journal, currently a #1 trending story.

The feature is on a double loft space that we designed for a married couple in Providence to meet their changing lifestyle. We designed separate spaces for the husband and wife each with its own kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and front doors. His and her sides are architecturally distinct with different materials and language, but the sides pass through each other along the common walls. The separate but linked design of the project has actually brought greater happiness to their relationship.

The project has many people involved with links to RISD. To list a few…

Allison Paschke – Homeowner/client (RISD Alumni)
Kyna Leski Р3six0 principal (Professor, Architecture)
Chris Bardt – 3six0 principal (Professor, Architecture)
Jack Ryan – 3six0 senior associate (Critic, Architecture)
Olga Mesa – 3six0 project architect (Critic, Architecture)

Aaron Brode – custom millwork for the project (RISD alumni)
David Dilks – custom millwork for the project (RISD Architecture Model Shop technical assistant / alumni)

PDL_06 PDL_01

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