Partnered Research updates – NIKE, LEGO, RISDWorks

Nike/RISD ‘Future of Skin’ Research Group

On May 6th & 7th, our partners at Nike joined us to see final presentations from the interdisciplinary ‘Future of Skin’ Research Group. Nike Designer and RISD Alum TX’13, Karen Lee, was among the visiting Nike critics. Groups were asked to generate transportive narratives that explored a future world and the complex technological, sociological, environmental and political systems at play. Framed by the broad scope of ‘future skin’, the projects aimed to gain insights and inquiries about the speculative conditions we might aim to steer towards or against.

One group aimed to cultivate social and environmental agency via air filtering garments in a heavily smog consumed future. Another group explored the capitalization of human energy harvesting, and another created identity masks to liberate a community of rebellious youths from encroaching social conformity. Some projects were charged with dystopic outlooks as a response to present trends and fears, while others focused on systems incentivizing the individual as a change-maker.

A publication to highlight the projects and insights gained will be put together this summer.



digital [LEGO] analog

Last week the LEGO team joined us from Denmark to complete the wintersession/spring collaboration mediating digital and analog ways of learning. Students examined existing teaching tools, applications and programs, different pedagogical methodologies with emphasis on constructivism and obscured boundaries of ‘the classroom’.

This summer LEGO and the Research Office plan to build a database of their discoveries and observations as a premise for further digital and analog discussions.



RISD Works

This Friday, students from Michael Beamans’ Intermittency studio will present four final design proposals for a renovated RISDWorks Shop to the RISD Museum. An exhibition of the work will be on display in the Chace Center Lobby starting at 4:00pm and will be up through June 1st.

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