Beaman’s “Proxy 15” selected for exhibition at BSA

Michael Leighton Beaman (critic in Interior Architecture ) and Zaneta Hong’s (ID 2002) Proposal for the Boston Society of Architects (Proxy No. 15) was selected as part of the Bigger than a Bread Box exhibition a BSA Space in Boston opening June 17th 2015. The purpose of the proxy series of installations is to experiment with with the workflow of an entire project, from conception to construction. Though these projects operate at smaller dimensional, programmatic and financial scales, they are always addressing larger issues of design practice by crafting resonance between procedural and material effects.

Proxy No. 15 is a lightweight, translucent suspension structure built from recyclable polypropylene and nylon. The installation is derived from the architectonic language, assembly process, manufacturing techniques, and material effects of Proxy No. 10, an installation created for the American Institute of Architects National Emerging Practitioners Exhibition in 2012. No. 10 was designed as an interior pavilion at the AIA Headquarters in Washington, DC using a series of custom-coded digital modeling algorithms to rationalize, structure, and generate all the parts required to build the pavilion in a single day. No. 15 was designed by reprogramming those algorithms, inverting many of the original pavilions characteristics; whereas No. 10 is oriented vertically, configured through two minimal surfaces, operating in compression, resting on the floor and rising to a height of 7 feet; No. 15 is a synclining symmetrical landscape, oriented horizontally, operating in tension, and suspended twelve feet above the floor.

Proxy No. 15 OrthographicsProxy No. 15 Installation Proposal

BSA, Industrial Design A, installation, Interior Architecture, Michael Leighton Beaman, Proxy Series

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