Mapping RISD Global

Dear Faculty,

As you may know, RISD Global is in the midst of a mapping activity to track where RISD is in the world, the models for those engagements, as well as on-campus courses and faculty research that relate to specific geographies and/or global issues.

To augment this process, to ensure it is current, and to enable us to be more strategic in where and how we connect with the world, we would love your help in understanding (as relevant/appropriate) better where RISD faculty and academic staff in are traveling this summer and over the next AY.

To do this, Gregory Dillon (RISD Global Coordinator) will maintain a database of the information about faculty who are traveling to specific geographic locations outside North America and who may be interested in visiting one of our 41 partner schools for student mobility, connecting with prospective students or schools (high school or undergraduate) that are good connections for RISD, reaching-out to alumni, etc.

If you are interested in sharing your travel locations and/or connecting with a partner school, alumni, etc. please complete this google form.
We appreciate your help with this initiative.
Best wishes,
RISD Global!

Global Partners & Programs, RISD Global

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