GEO magazine international illustration challenge

In its international illustration challenge, GEO magazine is asking participants to give our planet a new face. The theme is “Transcending Borders – and Changing the Earth’s Image”. From illustrators and designers to keen Photoshoppers, everyone is invited to participate. The grand prize: a VIP invitation to a 2016 ESA satellite launch at Guiana Space Centre and publication in GEO magazine.

From space, the lines between desert and fertile terrain, populated and uninhabited regions, and dense rainforest and cleared land are clearly visible. Indeed, they are what give contours to the very face of Earth. Also evident, but more difficult to construe, are the borders drawn by humankind: between nations, ethnicities, religions, wealthy and impoverished.

GEO magazine invites illustrators and artists to give our planet a new face by applying graphical and artistic techniques to satellite imagery. They get access to free satellite image data provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) on the competition website. The submission phase for the GEO Illustration Challenge runs from 15 April to 13 July 2015 on


An expert jury will evaluate all of the complete submissions based on their informative content and the aesthetic value of their artistic design.

 The top 20 works will be presented at as part of an additional audience award competition from 10 August to 30 September 2015.

 The top three entries chosen by the jury will be published in

 GEO (including all of its international editions) and compensated accordingly by the magazine.

 In addition, the overall winner will receive a VIP invitation from GEO and ESA to a 2016 Sentinel satellite at Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana.

The competition invites entrants to submit their work from 15 April to 13 July 2015 at

GEO magazine

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